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Sewer System - Cooper is the Antidote to the Mismanagement by Dean Trantalis

Born and raised in South Florida, Ken Cooper has spent all but a few years outside of Broward county. After graduating from South Broward High School, Ken went to the University of Florida for his undergraduate studies in business. Upon completion, he swiftly returned to South Florida to attend Nova Southeastern University’s Broad College of Law in Davie. A Florida native through and through, Ken is passionate about preserving the beauty of Florida, especially in his hometown of Fort Lauderdale.

As a local resident for most of his life, Ken has witnessed the evolution of Fort Lauderdale’s growth issues first-hand. As the city grew in population, and development began to explode, two clear issues arose – would the city’s sewage system be able to handle these expansions, and what would happen to a city which had not been designed for such growth?

Unfortunately, we now have some of the answers to these questions, and they are somber to say the least. Under Dean Trantalis’s leadership, Fort Lauderdale had the largest sewer break and resulting leak in the history of the state.  As a result, the city was slapped with more than a $2 million dollar fine – flushing tax-payer money instead of sewage down the drain. As if this wasn’t bad enough, he refused to take responsibility for the problem – and continues to do so. He claims the former commission is responsible for failing to solve the long-known infrastructure problems that caused the sewer break… which would honestly be a pretty good excuse if it weren’t for the fact that he was part of that commission. In fact, Trantalis is directly responsible for the crisis – he was the only commissioner that voted against the infrastructure bond that would have saved taxpayers millions! As a result of his negligence, the hard-working taxpayers of Fort Lauderdale are forced to atone for his mistakes – what could have been a 500-million-dollar replacement will instead cost approximately one billion dollars.

We know that extensive development causes a strain on city infrastructure. Trantalis claims he is against development, but actions always speak louder than words. Trantalis’s law firm focuses purely on real estate closings – it should come as no surprise that developers have contributed hundreds of thousands of dollars to his campaign. Not one to miss a marketing opportunity, Trantalis has not only allowed, but also celebrated, the groundbreaking of the tallest building in Fort Lauderdale. Doesn’t sound very anti-development, does it?

Fort Lauderdale doesn’t have room for the type of mishandling and hypocrisy Trantalis brings to the table – it’s time to restore transparency in politics, protect our citizens and their hard-earned cash, and prevent overdevelopment of our beautiful city. In conjunction with his formal education and prior banking experience, Ken Cooper’s successful law firm proves he has an aptitude for business endeavors – but it is Ken’s down-to-earth and candid demeanor that truly makes him the perfect candidate to reset the history of mismanagement in Fort Lauderdale. Ken Cooper is ready to push boundaries and pave the way to a brighter future for our city.  


There have been at least fifty-two (52) boil water alerts in the last two years. It’s clear that Mayor Dean is clueless as to how to solve those problems and has no intention of figuring it out. Instead, he will wait until the water pipes explode and then say taxpayers have to spend another billion dollars ($1,000,000,000.00) to fix them. 

The city budget is more than eight hundred million dollars per year ($800,000,000.00). Why isn’t money set aside each year for infrastructure, instead of waiting for the pipes blow up? Why don’t we plan and prepare instead of scrambling for funding solutions once disaster strikes?  It is obvious that both water plants need to be replaced or completely over-hauled. In fact, this should have been addressed before the last fifty-two (52) boil water alerts, or at least at some point between the first and the fifty second. This mismanagement is so bad – we need a new mayor, one who is not a politician.  

Campaign Finance Reform

Steve Glassman has more than $350,000.00 in campaign contributions. The only reason a City Commissioner would need that much money to be re-elected is if they were abhorrently incompetent and needed to improve their image, marketing, and strategy. Otherwise, the only logical reason behind such an absurd amount being raised is because they are political payoffs. Following suit, Dean Trantalis’ campaign has raised more than $150,000.00 from developers alone!

The city campaign funds should be limited to $100,000.00 for Mayor and $50,000.00 for City Commissioner. Limiting campaign funds provides an equal and fair platform for citizens to run an election campaign in the city. Above this amount, it is too easy to cover your oversights and brainwash everyone into thinking that you are doing a great job when in fact, you are deliberately lying to them.

Of course, limiting campaign funds won’t stop the soft money provided by developers, unions, lobbyists and others who desire to have political favors lined up, but it’s a start.

Consulting Fees

Consultants are highly skilled workers, who are hired by an organization to provide temporary expertise for specific, unusual issues. Consultants are not expected to teach you how to do your job, nor do your job for you.

When I worked in banking, it was my job to know how to run my department and how to make decisions that needed to be made. If I was unfamiliar with something, like a new telephone system, it was my job to learn. Inexperience is not an acceptable excuse for failure.

Fort Lauderdale’s City Commission spent over one million dollars ($1,000,000.00) on consultants to perform tasks and make decisions that people employed by the departments in question, like water treatment, should already know how to do or learn how to do. There should be no reason to hire wastewater consultants when there are already people fulfilling this job function at the wastewater treatment plants. 

Construction Cost Overruns

When Dean ran for Mayor in 2016, he promised his voters that he would manage development. This was a blatant lie. Instead of managing development, he allowed more thirty (30) story buildings to be built than any other City Commissioner or prior Mayor ever has. This isn’t a shocking coincidence – when you look at his campaign contributions, over $150,000.00 are from developers. 

Why is it that every construction project is overbudget? Surely, at least some projects should be completed on-time and within budget. Perhaps when politicians take political contributions from every construction entity, there is no incentive to stop construction overruns. 

The Current Commission is Talking About Raising Your Taxes

Now that there is huge sewer catastrophic and approximately 52 water breaks the mayor is going to raise your taxes.  With a one billion dollar ($1,000,000,000.00) price tag on the sewers, he is going to raise your taxes due to his negligence.  He has not even discussed how he plans to pay for the water treatment plants.  When the budget was $500,000,000.00 the city was run better.  Dean has been on the commission since 2003, a career politician, always blaming it on someone else.  There should have been a properly funded separate infrastructure fund for the perpetual infrastructure repairs.  This is NOT SOMETHING THAT SHOULD BE DONE BY BOND ISSUE, BOND ISSUE.  There should not have been a five hundred million dollar ($500,000,000.00) bond issue for a new police station.  There should have been a sinking fund of money set aside each year so that when the new police station was needed the funds were there. This lack of foresight has lead to the catastrophe that just occurred.  

Bond Issue After Bond Issue - BOND ISSUES ARE A TAX

They sound nice, but they are on your tax bill every year.  The city is now run by BOND ISSUE BOND ISSUE.  There is no planning for the future by placing funds in a “sinking fund” for future major projects. Dean has been on the commission since 2003, but for that four years he missed while under investigation, and has not saved any money for the future, like sewer lines.  He robbed the water department and paid the bills for the city.  The State of Florida had to come in and stop the stealing.  Now Dean says it wasn’t him, it was the prior commission.  Come on Dean – you were the prior commission!!!!  You robbed the water and sewer department and never replaced the sewer lines that the ONE MILLION DOLLAR ($1,000,000.00) consulting report said would explode if they were not replaced.  Dean said he didn’t believe it.  Now Dean is trying to take credit for what he did and now say he stopped the practice.  Spoken like a true politician!  Do it, steal it and then take credit for stopping it, when the truth is the State stopped you and you were the city commissioner that was doing it.  Now we are going to pay higher water bills for Dean’s stealing of the water money.

The city budget when I was on the Budget Advisor Board was approximately $500,000,000.00.  Today is has risen to more than $800,000,000.00.  With $300,000,000.00 why are there so many more problems in the city?  Dean had to know that in 2003 we needed a new police station, whether you think so or not, but at any rate, why in 2003 didn’t you put aside $5,000,000,000.00 per year to pay for it and not float a bond.  Why are we robbing Peter to pay for Paul and getting more and more in debt at the incompetence of the city.  With an additional $300,000,000.00 you could set aside $50,000,000.00 in a sinking fund and not float bond issues.  Bond issues are debt, just like the federal government with 16 trillion in debt, how much do the tax payers want to pay in taxes.  

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